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Canon EOS 550D

Pentax P30

Kodak M1033




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Winter in Boston. 

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- ? May 16th 2014

long shot I know, but are any of my followers taking part in the London colour run or the London marathon (and are based in London)?! I’m involved in a live multi camera project that is airing in just over two weeks and we need a marathon runner/runner in general to come into the studio for an interview live on air! So, if any y’all run and would be up for it (expenses covered!) get in touch and I’ll send over the deets!

- ? Mar 10th 2014
Figure (Woman) by Magda Cordell, Tate Modern.

Figure (Woman) by Magda Cordell, Tate Modern.


graffiti tunnel. london, south bank.

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- ? Jan 10th 2014

Rome through the windows of Castel Sant’ Angelo.

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- ? Jan 4th 2014